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Our Approach

We provide expert virtual medical assistant services to doctors, chiropractors, or dentists who are seeking to grow their business without slashing their pockets.

Our virtual medical assistants are well-trained, professionals, and ethical in their field.



Roles and Responsibilities

  • Call patients on a daily basis to inform them about their appointment schedule.
  • Reschedule patients depending on the Doctor’s schedule and patients' preferred schedule.
  • Connect patients over to the office for emergency cases.
    Make a profile for the new patients.
  • Take the message on behalf of the office staff and sent the request through WhatsApp (Request: prescription, refill request, etc.)
    Check the medical records of the patients.
  • Check the clinical notes of the patients for the recommendations of the Doctors.
  • Check the prescription of the patient’s intake of the medicine and its dosage.
  • Check if the prescription has been sent successfully to the pharmacy.
  • Make a referral on behalf of the Doctor.
  • Check the medical history of the patient.
  • Check the documents of the patient if the medical staff or paralegal needs to verify information.
  •  Book a cab to the office location a day before the patient’s scheduled appointment.
  •  Fax over a document to a facility. (Hospital, Law Firm, Radiology)
    Read the medical diagnosis/ result if the medical staff or paralegal needs to know the medical condition of the patient.
  • Discuss the kind of procedure that the patient needs to undertake (Kind of injection, Exams, Surgery).
  •  Upload documents to the system.
  •  Send an email to the law firm for the update of the patient’s appointment.
  • Call adjusters or law firms if there is information that needs to be verified.
  • Verify to the paralegal the list of procedures that the patient underwent and the doctor’s recommendation.
  •  Call the patients to fill in the missing information on their profile.
  •  Call patients to confirm their appointment, reschedule or cancel.
    Verify the information.
  •  Request for the patient’s authorization for medication/procedure.
    Check the patient’s allowable visits from their insurance.
  •  Check the patient’s unpaid bill.
  •  Check the booked appointments for possible correction.
  •  Check and call all NO SHOW patients on a daily and weekly basis for a possible reschedule of their appointments.
  •  Make a narrative report for the patient.
  •  Check the number of patients on a daily basis to make sure we do not exceed the daily target number of patients.

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